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My NEW updated website, Resourcefully For You...with a page dedicated to VA/SWVA

Resourceful-Soul started this conversation

Resourcefully For You

*March 09 -  I am proud to announce I have made my website (formally Resourceful Living) official, and in the process has a new name, new logo, banners, and has been updated & streamlined with many more great resourceful links of assistance, plus great link exchange partners to provide you with even more great information and resources.  And in addition, I have partnered with several great businesses to also offer affordable online shopping, and have added a brand new forum to my website.  R4U offers assistance links of most all types...Alcohol/Drug Issues, Charities, Support, Medical/Dental Assistance, Transportation Issues, Mental Health, Utility/Phone/Food/Clothing assistance links, plus Government programs links, Legal Assistance, Prescription Assistance, and more!  I also have a page dedicated to the VA/NRV/SWVA areas.  There really are many great different helpful resource links on my website, so please be sure to keep checking my page, as it continues to change and grow and continiously has updates & added assistance resource links.

*I changed the name due to my website's former name, "Resourceful Living" being copied and used by many other sites &, NOTE for all WAH persons...COPYRIGHT and/or Trademark your work!  When I first started Resourceful Living & researched my new was original. 

In addition to my main website R4U, I also have a page dedicated to Mental Health Matter's where you can find many stories, resources, links, information, support, etc. for mental illness of all kinds.  And living with Bipolar II, anxiety disorders, and depression, as I do, I definately have to take all things "one day at a time" because honestly, sometimes this is the only way I can get through a day without becoming too overwhelmed and giving up.  So as you see, I have my own personal daily issues, problems & struggles.

Also to help aid you, read some of my personal blogging (with my personal opinions, thoughts, concerns, struggles, etc), find different life resources/links, information, inspiration & encouragement & much more.  Visit my page collectively titled...R4U's Life Matter's.  Please feel free to email me any time.  And if you havethe time, please leave me a message and/or comment, I'd love to read them...for they (you) are my inspiration too! 

I now also have a new page called WAHHousewives (Work-at-Home-Housewives)  Here you will be able to find a variety of information about WAH, and if that is even something you would be interested in doing.  And NO it is not a get rich quick option, NOR can you make tons of money upfront, BUT what it does do is allow you the possibility to do just that in your future.  You can make a small income in the beginning depending on how much time and effort you put into your WAH job(s) as well as your amount of support in family, friends and networking opportunites. 

I started my WAHH page just to try and help point out some of the particulars of WAH, and also because I saw soooooo many sites for WAHM's, but I was not a full-time mommy, (I have one grown son, and two young step-children whom we only have on Saturdays) and I couldn't really find any sites dedicated to just us plain ole WAHHousewives, so I created one.  So hope you'll visit! 

Also, feel free to visit me & send me a friend request on my Myspace page, collectively titled, "Resourcefully Yours" formally Resourceful Living. 



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